Datasets: Datasets

  1. Arctic Atmospheric River Labels and Climatology Based on 3-hourly ERA5 and MERRA-2 From 1980 to 2019

    2023-12-01 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Wen-wen Tung, Chen Zhang, William S Cleveland | doi:10.4231/EHZ2-DP09

    This repository contains the 12 sets of Arctic atmospheric river labels based on the 3-hourly ERA5 and MERRA-2 data for 1980–2019 and the high-resolution version of figures in Zhang, Tung, & Cleveland (ERCL 2023,

  2. 3D Mapping of Trough Migration Paths

    2023-11-30 19:41:11 | Contributor(s): Kris Laferriere | doi:10.4231/18M6-GC48

    The dataset contains the data products developed in the mapping of Mars' northern polar spiral troughs. This included 3D depth maps of trough migration paths from radar data, and slope, azimuth, and wavelength measurements for surface troughs.

  3. Wildfires shift a cumulative carbon sink to a source for boreal forest ecosystems in North America from 1986 to 2020

    2023-11-27 17:37:24 | Contributor(s): Qianlai Zhuang, Yiming Xu | doi:10.4231/4Q4V-MB96

    TEM model simulation results

  4. Water vapor stable isotope memory effects of common tubing materials

    2023-11-16 20:23:48 | Contributor(s): Alexandra Meyer, Lisa Welp-Smith | doi:10.4231/T6J3-H649

    A laboratory experiment testing the water vapor isotopic memory of a few common air intake tubing materials (PFA, FEP, PTFE, HDPE, and copper, plus Bev-A-Line XX). Memory metrics are quantified at 2 different temperatures.

  5. A Rotated Staggered Grid (RSG) finite-difference elastic wave solver based on Devito

    2023-11-14 14:34:56 | Contributor(s): Oumeng Zhang, Douglas R Schmitt | doi:10.4231/R8N7-HX28

    An Optimized Rotated Staggered Grid (RSG) finite-difference elastic wave solver for modeling 2D/3D seismic wave propagation in complex anisotropic media, based on the open-source Python finite-difference package, Devito.

  6. Timelapse of weather, road speeds, INDOT trucks, and salt trails during a winter storm from October 30 to November 1, 2023

    2023-11-06 18:39:04 | Contributor(s): Christopher Michael Gartner, Justin Mahlberg, Jairaj Chetas Desai, Howell Li, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/10SF-PH62

    This timelapse shows interstate traffic speeds, doppler weather data, telematics data, and salt trail data from Indiana Department of Transportation trucks during a winter storm beginning on October 30 to November 2, 2023.

  7. Interstate Vehicle Miles Travelled and Miles Operating Below 45 mph Dataset

    2023-10-30 19:32:51 | Contributor(s): Jairaj Chetas Desai, Jijo K. Mathew, Rahul Suryakant Sakhare, Howell Li, Deborah Horton, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/QEXR-7W10

    Total interstate vehicle miles travelled and miles operating below 45 mph for every minute in December 2022 across the contiguous United States categorized by 9 US Geographic Divisions (New England, Middle Atlantic, East North Central, West North Central,

  8. Chavas and Peters (2023, BAMS): Static energy deserves greater emphasis in the meteorology community.

    2023-10-26 12:20:49 | Contributor(s): Daniel Robert Chavas, John Peters | doi:10.4231/TJK1-HS57

    Excel file for Figure 1 and MATLAB code + data for Figures 2 and 3 of the manuscript Chavas and Peters (2023) accepted for publication in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

  9. Data associated with "Diagenesis of fossil gar fish scales with implications for applications in thermochronology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction"

    2023-10-24 14:00:00 | Contributor(s): John Fink, Marissa M Tremblay, Thomas S Tobin, Lisa D Stockli, Daniel F Stockli, Ryan B Ickert | doi:10.4231/0MJV-CR59

    Data associated with the manuscript, "Diagenesis of fossil gar fish scales with implications for applications in thermochronology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction" by Fink et al., which has been submitted for peer review.

  10. SDOF Analysis of Blast Loaded SC Panels in Two-Way Bending

    2023-10-20 12:06:30 | Contributor(s): Joshua Ryan Harmon, Amit H. Varma | doi:10.4231/H73K-GE42

    These files contain quick running MATLAB programs which conduct a SDOF analysis of a blast loaded two-way SC panels with fixed or simply-supported edge constraints. The programs can also generate isodamage pressure-impulse diagrams for two-way SC panels.

  11. OpenSees Models for C-PSW/CF Archetype Structures

    2023-10-16 19:07:21 | Contributor(s): Morgan Broberg, Amit H. Varma | doi:10.4231/9H4P-Z894

    This database includes OpenSees models to evaluate the static, cyclic, and time history response of C-PSW/CF archetype structures.

  12. Preference of dhurrin-free sorghum by ewes

    2023-10-16 16:23:19 | Contributor(s): Shelby M. Gruss, Mitchell R Tuinstra | doi:10.4231/A2WW-EF74

    The preference of dhurrin-free sorghum was evaluated using ewes in a free choice grazing trial comparing a dhurrin-free hybrid to commercial hyrbids, and a set of near isogenic lines varying in dhurrin production.

  13. Salt Stockpile Inventory – 100 Bucket Salt Movement Experiment September 12 to 13, 2023 – INDOT Lebanon Salt Facility

    2023-10-09 15:57:23 | Contributor(s): Myles Wayne Overall, Justin Mahlberg, Haydn A Malackowski, Mina Joseph, Tony Johnson, Ayman F Habib, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/E38N-JM26

    This visualization shows a timelapse of a salt pile being moved from a barn to a dome and then back using a front-end loader on September 12 and 13, 2023.

  14. Applications of Production Vehicle Road Roughness Data Before and After Pavement Construction

    2023-10-05 15:35:00 | Contributor(s): Justin Mahlberg, Howell Li, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/AQ5K-NR86

    This visualization shows a synced view of a road improvement project before the project began and after. The video also displays the international roughness index value for each respective tenth mile before and after construction.

  15. MATLAB scripts and SimVascular case files for "Oscillatory flows in compliant conduits at arbitrary Womersley number"

    2023-10-04 20:22:57 | Contributor(s): Shrihari Dhananjay Pande, Xiaojia Wang, Ivan C. Christov | doi:10.4231/SW73-D037

    Zip file with codes and data to make the plots in the manuscript "Oscillatory flows in compliant conduits at arbitrary Womersley number" by Pande, Wang & Christov (2023).

  16. Influence of Ions on Hydrophobic Self-Assembly

    2023-10-03 18:17:40 | Contributor(s): Dor Ben-Amotz, Andres Urbina Bucheli, Kenneth Judd, Denilson . Mendes de Oliveira | doi:10.4231/8GBW-9P30

    Combined experimental and theoretical study of the influence of ions, including H+ and OH-, on the self-assembly of micelles composed of 1,2-hexanediol.

  17. Evaluation of Integrated Management Strategies on Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) Root infection, Foliar Symptoms, Yield and Net Returns

    2023-10-02 14:21:46 | Contributor(s): Mariama Brown, Daren Mueller, Yuba Kandel, Darcy Telenko | doi:10.4231/691J-5A92

    Abstract: Three soybean field trials were conducted in Indiana to evaluate the integration of seed treatment, cultivar selection, and seeding rate on sudden death syndrome (SDS) root infection, foliar symptoms, yield and net return.

  18. Analytic Modeling of Distributed Acoustic Sensing Signals: Matlab Codes for DAS Wavelets and Attenuation

    2023-09-29 13:57:09 | Contributor(s): Douglas R Schmitt, Oumeng Zhang | doi:10.4231/053G-DR41

    Archive contains Matlab based codes to calculate DAS responses to propagating plane elastic waves.

  19. Promoting Inclusive Design and Deployment of Connected and Automated Vehicles for Older Adults Through Education of Engineering Students

    2023-09-27 14:18:32 | Contributor(s): Lisa J. Molnar, David W. Eby, Renée M. St. Louis, Feng Zhou, Jennifer S. Zakrajsek, Nicole Zanier, Ping Yi | doi:10.4231/28GB-5023

    Inclusiveness of CAVs for older adults via literature review, older adult outreach and graduate student experiential learning. Data include: reference list, outreach field notes/voting results/coding tables, student survey data/data dictionaries.

  20. Inferred information (distance information) repository of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)-based Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    2023-09-27 12:21:57 | Contributor(s): Fan Yang, Jiansong Zhang | doi:10.4231/V1ZH-ST79

    A collection of position and distance information for 242 components in building information modeling using two methods (manual and automatic).

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