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Data Management Plan (DMP)

Watch the Data Management Planning (DMP) Workshop!  

Data management planning (DMP) is an essential element of research, and seen as a necessity by many funders. Because “sharing” or “publishing” data may not have always been an integral part of research, PURR offers several levels of assistance in data management planning. For those who have a data management plan and intend to use PURR, there is a guide to get you going. For those who are new to preparing a data management plan, here are a couple of options:

NOTE: If you need more information about PURR as a repository solution for data management planning, please see the links under Contact Us.



This is where you'll find links to more details about writing your Data Management Plan.

Guides and Tutorials:

In this section, we will eventually provide tutorials to help you get more acquainted with PURR, and how to use groups, projects and much more for collaboration and publication.

Look here for the fine-grained details on writing an NSF data management plan.

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