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Data Management Plan Overview

Manage Your Data

Managing your data before you begin your research and throughout the research life cycle is essential to ensure usability, preservation and access. Federal agencies and other funders now require that grant awardees include a data management plan with their grant proposals. We can help you meet these new requirements.

The following questions are based on the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit which can be downloaded here:

  • What are your funding agency requirements?
  • Assessing your data needs
    • What types of data will be produced for your project?
    • What tools will you use to document your data (i.e. lab notebooks, Excel, etc)?
    • How much storage space will you need for your data sets?
    • How frequently will you be updating your data sets?
  • Organizing your data
  • Managing your data
    • Do you need the assistance of your liaison librarian or data services specialist? If so, have you been in contact with them yet?
    • Will you be using PURR to store your data?
    • Did the PI create an account and project in PURR?
    • Did the PI invite collaborators to use the PURR project space?
    • Is the grant number registered with the PURR project space?
  • Sharing your data
    • Does the funding agency require that you share your data or make it publicly accessible?
    • How do you plan to disseminate your data?
    • When do you plan to share your data (or not)?
    • Are there issues with copyright or privacy?
  • Tools and expertise