Funder Requirements

PURR has been designed to meet funder requirements, and these resources can help you write an effective data management plan and demonstrate institutional support for managing your data to funding agencies by using PURR.

Most research funding agencies require that a data management plan be submitted with your grant proposal. This list of requirements by U.S. agencies and foundations is regularly updated; however, requirements may vary within a funding agency and among different programs. Be sure to follow the directions of your call for proposals and the guidance of your program officers.

Not all data is publishable. See your funder's data management guidelines for restrictions. Learn more about sensitive data and publishing in PURR here.

ACL – Administration for Community Living

Data must be shared with a DOI no later than 24 months after an award's end date.

AHRQ – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Data sharing required upon publication of findings.

ASPR – Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response

Required within 30 months of creation of the dataset or upon publication of findings, whichever is sooner.

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Data sharing required as soon as possible.

DHS – Department of Homeland Security

Data sharing required.

DOD – Department of Defense

Data sharing required.

DOE – Department of Energy

Data sharing required upon publication of findings.

DOEdu – Department of Education

Data sharing required upon publication of findings and for at least 10 years.

DOT – Department of Transportation

Data must be publicly available and connected to an ORCID researcher identifier.

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency

Data sharing required within 30 days of publication of findings.

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

Data sharing required upon publication of findings.

Ford – Ford Foundation

Data sharing required.

Gates – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Required upon publication of findings. Also, articles must be published open access and contain a data availability statement.

IMLS – Institute of Museum and Library Services

Data to be made freely and broadly available upon submission of final report to IMLS.

Mellon – Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Grantees producing digital materials must agree to the foundation's intellectual property policy.

Moore – Gordan and Betty Moore Foundation

Data should be shared to maximize impact and, in most cases, made available at no cost.

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Data sharing required at the time of publication or within a reasonable time period after publication.

NEH – National Endowment for the Humanities

Timely distribution of data is expected according to widely accepted norms that vary by discipline.

NIFA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Data sharing expected within a reasonable period of time. Applicants are encouraged to consider using platforms, catalogs, and
workspaces provided by USDA (e.g., the Ag Data Commons).

NIH – National Institutes of Health

Researchers are expected to make the data underlying the conclusions of peer-reviewed scientific research publications freely available in public repositories at the time of publication.

NIST – National Institutes of Standards and Technology

Researchers must comply with the terms of their data management plans.

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Data sharing required upon publication of findings or within two years of collection, whichever is sooner.

NSF – National Science Foundation

All data should be deposited in a repository and shared with other researchers within a reasonable time.

ODNI – Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Data should be disclosed at the time of publication, and freely available within 12 months of publication of findings.

SI – Smithsonian Institution

Data sharing required in a Smithsonian-managed or Smithsonian-approved repository within 12 months of publication of findings.

Sloan – Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


USAID – U.S. Agency for International Development

Data must be submitted to the agency's Development Data Library for consideration for publication.

USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture

Data sharing required.

USDVA – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Data sharing required.

USGS – U.S. Geological Survey

Data sharing required within 12 months of publication of findings.

Last reviewed: March 24, 2021

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