Agro-Climatic Data by County, 1981-2015

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By Seong Do Yun1, Benjamin M Gramig2

1. Mississippi State University 2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Agro-Climatic Data by County (ACDC) is a county level dataset that combines annual corn/soybean/cotton/wheat yield with gridded growing degree days, precipitation, and soil characteristics data from public data provided by USDA-NASS, USDA-NRCS,...

Version 1.0 - published on 16 Aug 2017 doi:10.4231/R72F7KK2 - cite this Archived on 17 Sep 2017

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Agro-Climatic Data by County (ACDC) is designed to provide a county level base dataset for use in agricultural production and climate/weather research. Due to the recent popularity of raster imagery data (high resolution grid cell data), the demand for weather, soil/land and related data for research and applied decision support is increasing rapidly. The ACDC data set was developed to provide the most widely-used variables extracted from the most popular high resolution gridded data sources to end users of agro-climatic variables who may not be equipped to process large geospatial datasets from multiple publicly available sources that are provided in different data formats and spatial scales. Annual county level data for 1981-2015 are provided for corn, soybeans, upland cotton and winter wheat yields, and customizable growing degree days and cumulative precipitation for two groups of months (March-August and April-October) to capture different growing season periods for the crops. Soil characteristic data are also included for each county in the data set. All weather and soil data have been processed based on land cover/land use data and exclude soil and weather data for land that is not being used for non-forestry agricultural uses.

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ACDC: Agro-Climatic Data by County

Data set includes county level data for agricultural production areas (excludes non-agricultural land uses as documented) for the 48 contiguous US states for 1981–2015: crop yield, growing season degree days (GDDs), total precipitation, and major soil variables.‚Äč

Version: 1.0.0

Published: 2017-8-13

Seong Do Yun,
Benjamin M. Gramig,

Please cite ACDC when using in reports, on websites, or in publications as:
Yun, Seong Do and Benjamin M. Gramig, 2017, ACDC: Agro-Climatic Data by County, DOI: 10.4231/R72F7KK2 (Retrieved: ).

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