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  1. Data For Relationships of Nitrous Oxide Emissions to Fertilizer Nitrogen Recovery Efficiencies in Rain-fed Corn Systems: Research Foundation Building

    2019-07-05 13:44:28 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Rex Omonode, Tony Vyn | doi:10.4231/NSKN-0502

    Tillage affected relationships between N2O and NRE; stronger negative linear relationships under no-till and strip-till compared to moldboard. Ecological intensification increased grain yield without significant increase of N2O emission.


  2. Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers in Wheat Production in Manitoba, Canada

    2019-02-13 21:17:16 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Mario Tenuta, Matthew Wood, Xiaopeng Gao | doi:10.4231/FXR5-F070

    This project was conducted to quantify and compare the application time (fall, spring) and source (EEF, non-EEF) effects of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrous oxide emissions and agronomic measurements of spring wheat in southern Manitoba, Canada.


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