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  1. Python Programming Exercise With Specimen Data for Two Snakes

    2019-01-16 21:51:00 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Michael Witt, Olof Olsson, Sean P. Brophy | doi:10.4231/D7D2-EA24

    Specimen data including feeding schedules for a python and boa constrictor with a learning exercise for the python programming language that was used in the Engineering in the World of Data Learning Community at Purdue University


  2. Member Universities of the Association of Research Libraries That Have Accredited Library and Information Science Degree Granting Programs

    2018-09-26 00:50:53 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Michael Witt | doi:10.4231/R7PV6HM1

    Compares ARL members who have MLS programs and the names and information about them


  3. Purdue Libraries Graduate Research Focus Group Protocol

    2017-07-11 18:01:34 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Clarence Maybee, David A Zwicky, Harold P Kirkwood Jr, Nastasha E Johnson | doi:10.4231/R7T72FMQ

    This document is the Purdue Libraries Graduate Research Focus Group Protocol as developed by Nastasha Johnson, Hal Kirkwood, Clarence Maybee, and David Zwicky.


  4. Scaffolding for data management skills: From undergraduate education through postgraduate training and beyond

    2016-07-20 23:45:28 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Megan Sapp Nelson | doi:10.4231/R7QJ7F9R

    This document contains an matrix of existing competencies expanded to 36 competencies, a scaffolding that moves students progressively from undergraduate training to post graduate coursework and research to post-doctoral work.


  5. RDF mappings between SWEET and ENVO ontologies

    2014-12-04 09:02:21 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Line C. Pouchard, Michael Huhns | doi:10.4231/R7BZ63ZG

    RDF mappings between the ENVO ontology and the SWEET2.3 ontologies created by Agreement Maker Light for the ESIP TestBed project, Evaluating the ESIP Ontologies for Ontology Matching, Summer 2014


  6. Task analysis cases and results for Ex Libris Primo at Purdue University Libraries

    2014-11-03 20:01:49 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Marlen Promann, Tao Zhang | doi:10.4231/R7CZ3538

    These figures represent the task analysis results of different use cases of Ex Libris Primo implemented at Purdue University Libraries, depending on the availability and format of the resource being searched by the user.


  7. InfoSEAD protocol and sample memo

    2013-03-07 08:31:01 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Ruth Wertz, Michael Fosmire, Senay Purzer, Monica E. Cardella | doi:10.4231/D3WW7702P

    Includes a description of the InfoSEAD protocol and an example of how a document can be analyzed using the protocol.


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