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  1. Performance of Masonry Structures in Nepal

    2017-09-18 16:08:21 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Prateek Pratap Shah, Pranjal Pratap Shah, Praveen Pratap Shah | doi:10.4231/R7RV0KVB

    A survey of 21 masonry structures was carried out in Kirtipur, Nepal from June 6, 2016 to August 10, 2016.


  2. Performance of Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake

    2017-09-18 15:26:20 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Chungwook Sim, Enrique Villalobos, Jhon Paul Smith, Pedro Rojas, Santiago Pujol, Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Lucas A. Laughery | doi:10.4231/R7ZC8111

    The earthquake in Ecuador occurred on April 16, 2016 with a moment magnitude of 7.8. It caused more than 660 casualties and over 27,730 people were injured. The survey was performed from July 10 through July 17, 2016 in the cities of Manta,...


  3. Database on Performance of High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

    2017-09-18 14:59:43 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Prateek Pratap Shah, Santiago Pujol, Aishwarya Y. Puranam | doi:10.4231/R76T0JSQ

    On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Nepal. It caused more than 8500 casualties and left over 22000 people injured. Another major earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred in Nepal on May 12, 2015.


  4. An Investigation of the Unit Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete Beams

    2017-09-18 14:52:17 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Matthew Murray, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7BK19HF

    This study examines the influence of beam size on the shear capacity of geometrically scaled reinforced concrete beams without web reinforcement.


  5. A New Perspective on the Tensile Strength of Lap Splices in Reinforced Concrete Members

    2017-09-18 13:16:46 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Brian Richter, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7GB2275

    Three series of tests were conducted on specimens with lap lengths varying from 20 to 85 bar diameters. The results indicate that increasing the length of a lap splice beyond 45 bar diameters was an inefficient way to increase the strength of...


  6. Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in the 2016 Taiwan (Meinong) Earthquake

    2017-09-15 19:14:50 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Santiago Pujol, Ayhan Irfanoglu, Mohammad Jahanshahi, Lucas A. Laughery, Aishwarya Puranam, Li-Hui Cheng, Pedram Hesam, Alana Lund, Rih-Teng Wu, Shyh-Jiann Hwang, Tsung-Chih Chiou, Lap-Loi Chung, Chiun-Lin Wu, Wen-Cheng Shen, Yi-An Li, Pu-Wen Weng, Fu-Pei Hsiao, Tung-Chi Tsai, Weng-Kin Lam, Chia-Chen Lin, Chao-Hsien Li | doi:10.4231/R7M32SZ3

    On February 06, 2016, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred in Meinong, Taiwan. After reconnaissance effort conducted on reinforced concrete structures in and around Tainan City and this database contains result of this survey.


  7. Effect of Maximum Aggregate Size on the Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete Beams

    2017-09-15 18:19:42 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Derek R. Daluga, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7319T25

    Dataset that supplements D.R. Deluga's disertation


  8. Minimum amount of High-Strength Steel Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Elements

    2017-09-15 17:48:36 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7WH2N5R

    This dataset consists of tests on one-way slabs and walls to study the minimum amount of high-strength steel reinforcement in concrete elements that were conducted at Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research in Purdue University.


  9. Reinforced Concrete Columns Reinforced with High-Strength Steel

    2017-09-15 17:44:33 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Jeffrey Rautenberg, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7N29V4S

    In this project, the use high-strength bars (having a yield stress exceeding 80 ksi) as longitudinal reinforcement for columns is reconsidered.


  10. Response of High-Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete Frames to Simulated Earthquakes

    2017-09-15 17:12:52 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Lucas A Laughery, Santiago Pujol | doi:10.4231/R7TM7899

    This dataset contains data from dynamic tests of four reinforced concrete portal frames. The frames were tested on the unidirectional earthquake simulator at Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research during the fall of 2015.


  11. Structural Performance and Corrosion Resistance of Corrosion-Resistant Reinforcing Bars

    2017-09-15 17:01:42 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Chungwook Sim, Robert J. Frosch | doi:10.4231/R7PV6HJ4

    The objective of this research program is to evaluate both the structural and corrosion performance of concrete bridge decks reinforced with corrosion-resistant reinforcement.


  12. Stability of Rocking Structures

    2017-09-15 14:24:33 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Kari Klaboe, Santiago Pujol, Lucas A Laughery | doi:10.4231/R7FB513S

    This dataset contains data from 312 earthquake simulations on rocking blocks with various aspect ratios and sizes.


  13. Steel Bridge database

    2017-09-15 13:06:35 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Robert J. Connor | doi:10.4231/R7K35RTQ

    This database includes information collected from 47 steel bridges built between 1921 to 1981 in U.S.


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