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  1. OSHA Fall Safety VR Training Simulator

    2019-10-18 20:24:52 | Datasets | Contributor(s): James L. Jenkins, George Takahashi, Wan Ju Huang, Jordan McGraw, Amanda Luginbuhl, Laura Theademan | doi:10.4231/Z77S-QH47

    VR Training Simulator and source files funded by the Susan Harwood Grant in 2017 to instruct fall safety concepts.


  2. Building Information Modelling (BIM) data repository with labels

    2019-10-02 18:54:00 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Jiansong Zhang, Jin Wu | doi:10.4231/60V2-PJ72

    The dataset contains five models with extracted elements for each model. The elements are manually labeled by researchers with construction/civil engineering backgrounds based on discussion and majority vote.


  3. 3-D Model of a Harness for OSHA Fall Safety Training

    2019-09-11 15:33:54 | Datasets | Contributor(s): James Jenkins, Jordyn Lukomski, George Takahashi | doi:10.4231/24AV-1A55

    3-D model of an harness for the OSHA virtual reality simulation fall safety training.


  4. Part-of-Speech Tagged Building Codes (PTBC)

    2019-08-22 20:50:28 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Xiaorui Xue, Jiansong Zhang | doi:10.4231/Y0ZQ-4946

    This a natural language dataset of Part-of-Speech (POS) tagged building codes. It includes 1,522 sentences of text from Chapters 5 and 10 of 2015 International Building Code. It adopted the Penn Treebank tag set.


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