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  1. Purdue Agronomy Farm Soybean Variety (801812)

    2015-04-06 15:36:48 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Craig S. T. Daughtry | doi:10.4231/R7BR8Q4V

    The purpose of the experiment was to study the variation of the spectral characteristics between varieties of soybeans.

  2. North Dakota Intensive Test Site 0817 (801247)

    2015-04-01 19:54:18 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Marvin E. Bauer | doi:10.4231/R74B2Z7T

    The objective of this experiment was to provide a data set which can be used as an intermediate level of extrapolation between data collected from contolled experimental plots at field research stations and data collection by satellite scanners.

  3. Iowa Intensive Test Site 0893 (801237)

    2015-04-01 19:48:57 | Datasets | Contributor(s): Marvin E. Bauer | doi:10.4231/R7FJ2DQB

    The purpose of the experiment is to study the spectral characteristics and separability of corn, soybeans, oats, and pasture as a function of growth stage and cultural practices.

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