Datasets: Datasets

  1. Stability of dhurrin and HCN release in dried sorghum samples

    2022-05-31 15:40:27 | Contributor(s): Shelby M Gruss, Mitchell R Tuinstra, Keith Johnson | doi:10.4231/SDJ6-9C84

    Dhurrin is a cyanogenic glucoside of sorghum. Dhurrin content is thought to decline when making sorghum hay. Contrary to expectations, this study demonstrated that dhurrin was stable in sorghum tissues during the hay drying and curing process.

  2. Surface boundary layer turbulence measurements: Purdue Agronomy Center for Research and Education

    2022-05-19 20:17:23 | Contributor(s): Richard H Grant | doi:10.4231/JP60-BN82

    Dataset of measurements made between 2013 and 2021

  3. Data and code for Habitat selection in a recovering bobcat (Lynx rufus) population

    2022-05-19 18:50:18 | Contributor(s): Landon Richard Jones, Scott Johnson, Cassie Hudson, Patrick A Zollner, Rob Swihart | doi:10.4231/DGH3-ZB27

    Data and code to run habitat selection by bobcats in south-central Indiana using Random Forest

  4. Dana Island Archaeological Survey: Processed Ceramics, 2016 through 2019

    2022-05-18 18:45:34 | Contributor(s): Günder Varinlioglu, Nicholas Kregotis Rauh, Stanislav Pejša | doi:10.4231/WGXJ-TE67

    This dataset contains the processed ceramics of the pedestrian survey conducted on Dana Island by the Bogsak Archaeological Survey Project, 2016-2019.

  5. Gait phase estimation using wearable sensors and PCA based linear regression model

    2022-05-16 16:49:58 | Contributor(s): Ahmed Khaled Soliman, Guilherme A. Ribeiro, Andres Torres, Li-fan Wu, Chang Heon Lee, Mo Rastgaar | doi:10.4231/Q0HY-AT09

    Estimating gait realtime through 2 wearable sensors and a PCA based linear regression model.

  6. Modulating captive mammalian social behavior: A scoping review on olfactory treatments

    2022-05-16 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Amanda Barabas, Stephanie Dijak, Jane F Yatcilla, Danielle N Walker, Brianna Gaskill | doi:10.4231/DFTD-XF61

    Dataset from a scoping review on how olfactory signals influence same sex social behavior of terrestrial mammals.

  7. Who's the boss? Assessing convergent validity of aggression based dominance measures in male laboratory mice, Mus Musculus

    2022-05-16 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Amanda Barabas, Jeffrey Lucas, Marisa A Erasmus, Heng-Wei Cheng, Brianna Gaskill | doi:10.4231/0GVF-8D68

    Dataset associated with dominance measure validation and social network analysis of group housed, male inbred mice.

  8. Titrating the preferences of altered lighting against temperature in female CD-1 laboratory mice, Mus musculus

    2022-05-16 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Haley Davis, Amanda Barabas, Brianna Gaskill | doi:10.4231/T5HX-CT04

    Dataset associated with the assessment of preference for reduced light intensity or warmer temperatures in female CD-1 mice.

  9. Compounds from plantar foot sweat, nesting material, and urine show strain patterns associated with agonistic and affiliative behaviors in group housed male mice, Mus musculus

    2022-05-16 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Amanda Barabas, Helena Soini, Milos Novotny, David Williams, Jacob Desmond, Jeffrey Lucas, Marisa Erasmus, Heng Wei Cheng, Brianna Gaskill | doi:10.4231/EK65-7R65

    Data set that compares volatile compounds in the home cage of male mice with social behavior patterns

  10. Historical shorelines and imagery for Indiana's Lake Michigan coast

    2022-05-11 15:45:33 | Contributor(s): Benjamin Theron Nelson-Mercer, Hannah R Tomkins, Cary David Troy | doi:10.4231/YX3X-C082

    Historical aerial and satellite imagery is provided for the Indiana Lake Michigan coastline, from 1965-present. Additionally, shorelines traced from the imagery are available for most dates provided.

  11. Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2021

    2022-05-09 19:22:43 | Contributor(s): Adam Nicholas Brock, Guohong Cai | doi:10.4231/8FTE-B575

    This dataset contains tables prepared for the 2021 Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region Report.

  12. Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2020

    2022-05-09 19:22:56 | Contributor(s): Adam Nicholas Brock, Guohong Cai | doi:10.4231/ZWFR-8Y15

    This dataset contains tables prepared for the 2020 Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region Report.

  13. Code file for Rmax prediction model and relevant data used in the analyses (Chavas and Knaff 2022, Weather and Forecasting)

    2022-05-06 19:15:49 | Contributor(s): Daniel Robert Chavas | doi:10.4231/WMMS-XY76

    Simple MATLAB code to predict Rmax from R34kt as explained in Chavas and Knaff (2022) Eq. 2-4 + Eq 7.

  14. Lunar Hydration at the South Pole observed by Deep Impact

    2022-05-05 17:28:26 | Contributor(s): Kris Laferriere | doi:10.4231/T3B9-QK78

    Files used for calibration and analysis of hydration feature as observed by Deep Impact during the 2009 lunar flyby of the south pole

  15. Error-State Kalman Filter for Online Evaluation of Ankle Angle

    2022-05-04 18:29:21 | Contributor(s): Ahmed Khaled Soliman, Guilherme A. Ribeiro, Andres Torres, Mo Rastgaar | doi:10.4231/X00Q-YW81

    Raw Data for an Error-State Kalman Filter (ESKF) for Online Evaluation of Ankle Ankle (in 2-DOF), using a 2-IMU setup.

  16. Motion Predicates in Taiwan Mandarin—A Linguistic Dataset

    2022-05-03 17:11:17 | Contributor(s): Pin-hsi Chen | doi:10.4231/B2WX-QA39

    The dataset contains linguistic data elicited from three Taiwan Mandarin speakers with a software that randomly displays motion events. The data are the utterances produced by the speakers when they described the events.

  17. Evaluating the effects of precipitation and evapotranspiration on soil moisture variability

    2022-04-22 12:54:22 | Contributor(s): Xuan Xi, Pierre Gentine, Qianlai Zhuang, Seungbum Kim | doi:10.4231/WHJ3-KN14

    This dataset includes the comparison results of models from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) with Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) and ECMWF Reanalysis v5 (ERA5) products and the corresponding codes for analysis.

  18. Home cage measures of Alzheimer's disease in the rTg4510 mouse model

    2022-04-05 16:40:38 | Contributor(s): Amanda Barabas, Lindsey Robbins, Brianna Gaskill | doi:10.4231/T36R-QT73

    Dataset from home cage behavior assessment of the rTg4510 mouse model

  19. Edge spin transport in disordered WTe2 two-dimensional topological insulator

    2022-03-25 18:38:09 | Contributor(s): Justin Matthew Copenhaver, Jukka Vayrynen | doi:10.4231/GCZ1-VR87

    Code to simulate spin transport in disordered WTe2 systems.

  20. X-ray radiography datasets for tomographic reconstruction of liquid jet breakup dynamics

    2022-03-25 14:20:07 | Contributor(s): Naveed Al Hasib Rahman | doi:10.4231/G20X-4Z27

    Quantitative tomographic X-ray measurements of liquid breakup dynamics in doublet impinging jet sprays are explored. The datasets included allow for time-resolved 4D volumetric and time-averaged 2D planar reconstructions of an impinging jet spray.

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