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Datasets: Datasets

  1. Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Influence on the Annual Mean Intertropical Convergence Zone Location in the Miocene

    2024-04-16 18:00:00 | Contributor(s): Xiaoqing Liu, Nicholas Herold, Matthew Huber | doi:10.4231/A0D2-TY84

    The ITCZ indices and energetic constraints on the EFEs in our Miocene simulations demonstrate that AMOC initiation pushes the annual mean ITCZ position north of the equator.


  2. The effect of CO2 and Far-red on distinctive stages of indoor lettuce crop production

    2024-04-02 19:58:44 | Contributor(s): Cary Mitchell, Fatemeh Sheibani, Erik Runkle | doi:10.4231/13D9-3V89

    The dataset includes end-point growth parameters collected for various stages of early-lettuce crops produced in indoor conditions.


  3. Traffic Signal LiDAR-derived Vehicle Trajectories Dataset

    2024-04-02 15:56:27 | Contributor(s): Taylor Li, Mark Taylor, Enrique D. Saldivar-Carranza, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/MYZ4-8S55

    Vehicle trajectories sampled with LiDAR sensors at US-89 and 600 N in Salt Lake City, UT, from 15:49:25 to 17:14:00 hrs. (MT) on December 30, 2022.


  4. Molicel M35A Vent Cap CT Scans

    2024-04-01 15:31:20 | Contributor(s): Kyle Crompton, Jason K Ostanek | doi:10.4231/55TF-BG42

    This dataset includes computed tomography (CT) scans of the positive terminal assembly from a commercial lithium-ion battery (model: Molicel M35A).


  5. Sizing sex in early developmental stages in a frog-biting mosquito

    2024-04-01 19:19:39 | Contributor(s): Richa Singh, Kanishka Singh, Krisha Shah, Ximena E Bernal | doi:10.4231/2X06-RX08

    Larval and pupal stages of Uranotaenia lowii were examined to focus on traits that allow sex identification and to evaluate various sex-sorting techniques that provide a foundation for experimental manipulation.


  6. Alien Forest Pest Detection by Counties in the United States

    2024-03-28 16:57:18 | Contributor(s): Songlin Fei, Randall Morin, Shirley Li, Ningning Kong, Susan Crocker, Frank Krist, Andrew Liebhold | doi:10.4231/HWQF-V087

    The dataset includes pest distribution at the county-level. It has 74 species of forest insects and 15 species of forest pathogens.


  7. ABAQUS Code for the Simulation of Scutoid Interlocked Material Systems

    2024-03-28 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Tanner Ballance, Thomas H Siegmund | doi:10.4231/95MY-8V89

    This data set contains input files for the simulation and analysis of scutoid-based Topologically Interlocked Material systems together with those for a reference system with tetrahedra building blocks.


  8. ABAQUS Code for the Simulation of Wave propagation in a Row of Tetrahedra

    2024-03-21 00:00:00 | Contributor(s): Tanner Ballance, Thomas H Siegmund | doi:10.4231/R0S6-0P69

    This publication contains ABAQUS inp files supporting the publication Numerical study on wave propagation in a row of topologically interlocked tetrahedra in Granular Matter (2023), 25 (1)


  9. Multi-Year Study Maize Agrivoltaics Soil Moisture Data

    2024-03-07 13:36:25 | Contributor(s): Geoffrey Alistair Sanchez, Peter Bermel | doi:10.4231/M2Z8-NT18

    Volumetric water content (m^3/m^3) data for agrivoltaic experimental setup. Here will also be the data which was inputed based off a k-fold Bayesian Regularization Neural Network.


  10. West African Heat Low Climatology and Comparison with Dry Tropical Cyclones

    2024-03-01 20:41:02 | Contributor(s): Aaron Paul Kruskie, Daniel Robert Chavas | doi:10.4231/HJEM-0108

    This repository contains the data files and scripts required to recreate the figures for Kruskie et al. 2024 (in review), which examines the climatology of heat lows in West Africa and their relationship to tropical cyclones using potential...


  11. Serpentinite weathering in Puerto Rico

    2024-03-05 23:12:37 | Contributor(s): Angus Moore, Kimberly Méndez, K. Stephen Hughes, Darryl Granger | doi:10.4231/BY5R-GG48

    Data on hydrology, weathering, and erosion in serpentinite watersheds in Puerto Rico collected 2020-2022.


  12. Case studies of earthquake-induced cracking of earth dams (2000 to 2023)

    2024-01-23 13:39:46 | Contributor(s): Juan Esteban Jimenez-Pirajan, Antonio Bobet, Jingqing Liu | doi:10.4231/RV0P-W876

    Database of case studies of earthquake-induced cracking of earth dams from 2000 to 2023. It includes information of the dams, earthquakes characteristics, and type and intensity of damage.


  13. Data for: A large effect fitness trade-off across environments is explained by a single mutation affecting cold acclimation

    2024-01-16 17:47:59 | Contributor(s): Gwonjin Lee, Brian Sanderson, Thomas Ellis, Brian Dilkes, John McKay, Jon Ågren, Christopher G Oakley | doi:10.4231/EM5Z-DX40

    Data associated with the publication entitled: A large effect fitness trade-off across environments is explained by a single mutation affecting cold acclimation


  14. Data and Code from: Bidirectional energy subsidies for fish in river mouths of a large lake as revealed by stable isotopes and fatty acids

    2024-01-11 21:47:44 | Contributor(s): Elvita Eglite, Sarah R. Stein, Benjamin A. Turschak, Gabriel J. Bowen, Tomas O. Höök | doi:10.4231/V7SP-XP17

    Fish, prey, and ambient water were collected in southeast nearshore Lake Michigan and three river mouth systems. Characteristics include stable isotope ratios and fatty acid composition. Code represents calculations in MixSIAR and SIBER


  15. Hand-specific specialization of grip force control

    2024-01-08 21:10:39 | Contributor(s): Anvesh Sunil Naik, Satyajit S Ambike | doi:10.4231/RCJA-DN07

    Grip force characteristics – grip-load coupling and mean grip force – and object movements during coupled, bimanual prehensile tasks. This bundle contains code to generate figures from the data and data for statistical analyses.


  16. AI Enabled Community Supervision for Criminal Justice Services

    2024-02-13 13:02:01 | Contributor(s): Marc K Rogers, Umit Karabiyik, Sudhir Aggarwal, Tathagata Mukherjee, Carrie Pettus, Haeyong Chung | doi:10.4231/CE0C-WR64

    The files include the user manual, implementation guides and code for the Goals, Dashboard, and backend system that make up the AI-SMS (SMS4CS) system. It also contains mobile device provisioning instructions and anonymous usage data.


  17. Genome-wide, Organ-delimited gene regulatory networks (OD-GRN) provide high accuracy in candidate Transcription Factor (TF) selection across diverse processes

    2024-01-04 17:43:15 | Contributor(s): Kranthi K Varala, Ying Li, Karen Hudson | doi:10.4231/50R5-EM83

    Organ-specific gene expression datasets that include hundreds to thousands of experiments allow reconstruction of gene regulatory networks and discovery of transcriptional regulators various pathways and processes.


  18. Interfacial Chemical Reactivity Enhancement

    2024-01-03 20:07:56 | Contributor(s): Dor Ben-Amotz | doi:10.4231/T6RR-R973

    Prediction of the interfacially enhanced chemical reactivity in water droplets is facilitated by a combined theoretical and experimental analysis.


  19. Simulations, data, and scripts for Hydrodynamics of bubble flow through a porous medium with applications to packed bed reactors

    2023-12-15 16:20:22 | Contributor(s): Pranay Praveen Nagrani, Amy M Marconnet, Ivan C. Christov | doi:10.4231/8AJD-2483

    Zip files containing simulations, data, and post-processing scripts, used to generate the figures in the manuscript "Hydrodynamics of bubble flow through a porous medium with applications to packed bed reactors" by Nagrani, Marconnet...


  20. Localization of Urban Trees across the USA with Generative AI

    2023-12-12 16:28:12 | Contributor(s): Adnan Firoze, Akshaj Uppala, Lindsay Darling, Raymond Yeh, Brady Hardiman, Bedrich Benes, Songlin Fei, Daniel Aliaga | doi:10.4231/7AK0-1P48

    We use deep learning to provide a novel solution to map all trees on both public and private lands across 330 United States (U.S.) cities. This repository contains the dataset and code base.


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