Datasets: Datasets

  1. Spring Wheat Seeding Rate North Dakota (761214)

    2015-04-21 17:30:17 | Contributor(s): Marvin E. Bauer | doi:10.4231/R7BP00Q2

    The objective of this experiment is to provide additional information on the interaction of amount of vegetative cover and spectral response.

  2. Spring Wheat Sun/View Angle (761216)

    2015-04-30 01:17:57 | Contributor(s): Marvin E. Bauer | doi:10.4231/R77P8WB0

    The purpose of this experiment is to characterize a spring wheat canopy by its reflectance at various view and illumination angles and by its physical and agronomic attributes.

  3. Squared Abel polynomials

    2017-02-14 15:00:01 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R74Q7RZF

    Matlab routine for the first N recurrence coefficients of squared Abel polynomials

  4. SRJAC: Sub-range Jacobi polynomials

    2014-04-23 08:24:06 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7JS9NCR

    Matlab routines for computing sub-range Jacobi polynomials within the sub interval of [-1, 1]

  5. Stability of Rocking Structures

    2017-09-15 15:18:56 | Contributor(s): Kari Klaboe, Santiago Pujol, Lucas A Laughery | doi:10.4231/R7FB513S

    This dataset contains data from 312 earthquake simulations on rocking blocks with various aspect ratios and sizes.

  6. Statistical Potential based Amino Acid Similarity Matrices for Aligning Distantly Related Protein Sequences

    2013-03-08 16:08:15 | Contributor(s): Y.H. Tan, H. Huang, Daisuke Kihara | doi:10.4231/D3DR2P83H

    Supplementary materials for the paper: Statistical Potential based Amino Acid Similarity Matrices for Aligning Distantly Related Protein Sequences. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 64: 587-600. (2006)

  7. Steel Bridge database

    2017-09-15 14:55:38 | Contributor(s): Robert J. Connor | doi:10.4231/R7K35RTQ

    This database includes information collected from 47 steel bridges built between 1921 to 1981 in U.S.

  8. STEM Hopes and Goals for Elementary Students

    2019-02-08 19:59:14 | Contributor(s): Kerrie A Douglas, Johannes Strobel | doi:10.4231/8ETN-4N68

    This is the Hopes and Goals survey published in Douglas, K. A., & Strobel, J. (2015). Hopes and Goals Survey for use in STEM elementary education. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 25(2), 245-259....

  9. Stieltjes-Wigert orthogonal polynomials with parameters σ and m

    2017-02-03 20:13:55 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7SF2T6N

    Matlab routine for the first N recurrence coefficients of Stieltjes-Wigert orthogonal polynomials with parameters σ and m

  10. Striping Truck Utilization

    2014-10-28 00:02:28 | Contributor(s): Jon Padfield, James Handy, Teresa Morris | doi:10.4231/R75D8PSZ

    This video abstract summarizes the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) project “Striping Truck Utilization at Crawfordsville and Greenfield.”

  11. Structural diversity and ecosystem function

    2019-10-14 17:34:06 | Contributor(s): Elizabeth A Larue, Brady Hardiman, Jessica Elliott, Songlin Fei | doi:10.4231/N88M-7A62

    Codes and data for published article: LaRue, EA, BS Hardiman, JM Elliott, S Fei. 2019. Structural diversity as a predictor of ecosystem function. Environmental Research Letters.

  12. Structural Performance and Corrosion Resistance of Corrosion-Resistant Reinforcing Bars

    2017-09-15 17:14:04 | Contributor(s): Chungwook Sim, Robert J. Frosch | doi:10.4231/R7PV6HJ4

    The objective of this research program is to evaluate both the structural and corrosion performance of concrete bridge decks reinforced with corrosion-resistant reinforcement.

  13. Supporting data for Ma and Weake 2014 JoVE publication

    2017-02-06 21:05:43 | Contributor(s): Jingqun Ma, Vikki Marie Weake | doi:10.4231/R7TD9V91

    Supporting and raw data for Figures 1, 2, 3 and Table 1 from: Ma, J. and Weake, V.M. (2014). Affinity-based isolation of tagged nuclei from Drosophila tissues for gene expression analysis. Journal of Visualized Experiments 85. PMID:24686501.

  14. Supporting data for Ma et al. 2016 G3 publication

    2017-02-20 15:57:18 | Contributor(s): Jingqun Ma, Pete E Pascuzzi, Vikki Marie Weake | doi:10.4231/R7PG1PQR

    Supporting and raw data for Figures 1 - 5 and Figure S1 from: Ma et al. (2016) Transcriptome Profiling Identifies Multiplexin as a target of SAGA Deubiquitinase Activity in Glia.... G3 (Bethesda). PMID: 27261002.

  15. Supporting Surgical Teams: Identifying Needs and Barriers for Exoskeleton Implementation in the Operating Room

    2019-11-05 17:24:24 | Contributor(s): Jackie Cha, Denny Yu | doi:10.4231/TF0A-S814

    Findings from this work identify facilitators and barriers for sustained implementation of exoskeletons by surgical teams.

  16. Survey on Crop Residues for Cattle Feeding in Niger

    2019-10-18 22:02:25 | Contributor(s): Ousmane Seyni Diakite | doi:10.4231/GE83-HA69

    The specific objectives were to identify farmers’ and stover traders’ preferences on sorghum stover varieties. A Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) consisting of focus group discussions followed by semi-structured interviews, was conducted.

  17. Task analysis cases and results for Ex Libris Primo at Purdue University Libraries

    2014-11-06 13:12:23 | Contributor(s): Marlen Promann, Tao Zhang | doi:10.4231/R7CZ3538

    These figures represent the task analysis results of different use cases of Ex Libris Primo implemented at Purdue University Libraries, depending on the availability and format of the resource being searched by the user.

  18. TBI process maps - Feb 2018

    2018-03-27 19:58:42 | Contributor(s): Siobhan M Heiden | doi:10.4231/R7RJ4GP8

    The following are included in this publication: 1) Overall TBI Process Map; 2) NCAA Sports Medicine Process Map; 3) Acute Care Process Map; 4) Inpatient Rehabilitation Process Map; 5) Outpatient Rehabilitation. These maps are products of a PhD...

  19. TEMPERATURE - Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Beam Bridges

    2013-10-17 12:43:34 | Contributor(s): Amit H. Varma, Young Moo Sohn | doi:10.4231/D3D795B1Q

    Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Bridges

  20. Text files for parts and assembly of clamped beam geometry ABAQUS finite element model

    2019-04-23 15:16:56 | Contributor(s): Kayla Yano | doi:10.4231/SWHB-WD33

    These files are text format files for the ABAQUS extended finite element modeling (XFEM) as part of my dissertation.

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