Datasets: Datasets

  1. 2011-2014 Indiana Interstate Congestion Summary

    2014-10-07 21:44:41 | Contributor(s): Stephen Remias, Teresa Morris, Darcy M. Bullock | doi:10.4231/R76D5QXB

    The video corresponds with the delay performance measure in the 2013–2014 Indiana Mobility Report.

  2. Mimicking the First Turn of an Alpha-Helix with an Unnatural Backbone: Conformation-Specific IR and UV Spectroscopy of Cyclically Constrained Beta/Gamma-Peptides (Dataset)

    2014-10-07 16:56:22 | Contributor(s): Joseph R. Gord, Patrick S. Walsh, Brian Fisher, Samuel Gellman, Timothy S. Zwier | doi:10.4231/R7B56GN2

    Contained within are the text files for all experimental spectra presented in the paper as well as the Gaussian09 output files for assigned structures.

  3. 1 Mark (Mahoney, Berea College)

    2014-10-01 18:54:27 | Contributor(s): Mel Chua | doi:10.4231/R7FT8HZR

    The first narrative from Mark Mahoney of Berea College, collected on Feb. 21, 2014.

  4. A Non-parametric Bayesian Model for Joint Cell Clustering and Cluster Matching: Identification of Anomalous Sample Phenotypes with Random Effects.

    2014-09-03 20:30:26 | Contributor(s): Murat Dundar, Ferit Akova, Halid Ziya Yerebakan, Bartlomiej P. Rajwa | doi:10.4231/R7KK98PG

    The manuscript presents a non-parametric Bayesian algorithm called ASPIRE (Anomalous Sample Phenotype Identification with Random Effects) able to identify phenotypic differences across batches of cytometry samples in the presence of random effects

  5. Analytical database on noncompact and slender CFT members

    2014-08-26 04:00:00 | Contributor(s): Zhichao Lai | doi:10.4231/R7QC01DR

    This analytical database presents the results from comprehensive parametric studies (conducted using FEM models) on noncompact and slender CFT members.

  6. Localization of potential regulatory signals in the human genome

    2014-08-13 16:10:43 | Contributor(s): Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss | doi:10.4231/R7V40S43

    Discovering sequences with potential regulatory characteristics

  7. Painted Rumble Stripes: Alternative to Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs)

    2014-08-08 02:03:26 | Contributor(s): Darcy Bullock, Teresa Morris | doi:10.4231/R7ZW1HV3

    This video highlights research completed by the Joint Transportation Research Program led by Darcy Bullock, Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, for JTRP Project SPR-3528, "Alternatives to Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs)."

  8. Cirrus SR-20 Traversing Saw Cut and Raised Rumble Strips at 15 Knots

    2014-07-31 14:01:53 | Contributor(s): Darcy Bullock, Sarah M. Hubbard, Colin D. Furr, Brock Gillum | doi:10.4231/R77D2S24

    This video documents a field test of a Cirrus SR-20 traversing both a saw cut and a raised rumble strip at the Purdue Airport (LAF).

  9. Three-Phase Operations at a Diverging Diamond Interchange Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Camera

    2014-07-24 18:07:16 | Contributor(s): Alexander M. Hainen, Amanda Stevens, Howell Li, Darcy Bullock | doi:10.4231/R7C24TC4

    This video shows three-phase operations featuring a hold-back phase with data characterizing the southbound internal through movement (OL-C) on May 15, 2014, at the SR-201 / Bangerter DDI in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  10. Biological, chemical and flow characteristics of five river sampling sites in the Wabash River watershed near Lafayette, Indiana – 2012.

    2014-07-03 03:15:06 | Contributor(s): Megan Heller Haas, Sara Peel, Ronald F. Turco | doi:10.4231/R7GT5K3J

    Water quality data collected from the Lafayette area watershed in 2012. There are three samples sites located on Little Pine Creek, Elliot Ditch, Little Wea Creek and two sites on the Wabash River.

  11. Two-Phase Outflows: Boundary Conditions and Algorithm

    2014-06-19 17:45:08 | Contributor(s): Suchuan Dong | doi:10.4231/R7MK69TV

    We present an effective outflow boundary condition, and an associated numerical algorithm, within the phase field framework for dealing with two-phase outflows or open boundaries.

  12. Outflow Boundary Condition and Algorithm for Single-Phase Incompressible Flows

    2014-06-19 17:45:22 | Contributor(s): Suchuan Dong | doi:10.4231/R7RB72JK

    We present an accurate and effective outflow boundary condition and numerical algorithm for achieving stability in the presence of strong vortices or backflows at the outflow boundaries.

  13. N-1 Span Damage - Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Beam Bridges

    2014-05-06 19:43:41 | Contributor(s): Amit H. Varma, Young Moo Sohn | doi:10.4231/D3W66984S

    Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Bridges

  14. POEXPINT: Polynomials orthogonal with respect to the exponential integral

    2014-04-28 14:27:31 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7X34VD9

    Matlab scripts for computing orthogonal polynomials whose weight function involves an exponential integral

  15. CHA: Matlab programs for computing a challenging integral

    2014-04-23 08:31:08 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7QJ7F7V

    Matlab and FORTRAN codes to evaluate a densely and wildly oscillatory integral that had been proposed as a computational problem in the SIAM 100-Digit Challenge.

  16. MCD: Matlab programs for computing the Macdonald function for complex orders

    2014-04-23 08:27:25 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7B8562S

    A collection of FORTRAN and Matlab codes and their outputs to compute the Macdonald function for complex orders by numerical quadrature.

  17. HPGT: High-precision Gauss-Turan quadrature rules

    2014-04-23 08:28:16 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R71V5BW8

    Matlab routines that calculate high-precision Gauss-Turan quadrature rules

  18. NEUTRAL: Neutralizing nearby singularities in numerical quadrature

    2014-04-23 08:27:11 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R75H7D6P

    Matlab routines for neutralizing nearby singularities in numerical quadrature

  19. RMOP: Repeated modifications of orthogonal polynomials

    2014-04-23 08:25:49 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7F18WNB

    Matlab routines and data sets that compute repeated modifications of orthogonal polynomials

  20. SRJAC: Sub-range Jacobi polynomials

    2014-04-23 08:24:06 | Contributor(s): Walter Gautschi | doi:10.4231/R7JS9NCR

    Matlab routines for computing sub-range Jacobi polynomials within the sub interval of [-1, 1]

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