A global dataset of agricultural experiments quantifying organic amendment impact on soil carbon

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By Erika J. Foster1, Courtland Kelly2, Timothy Filley1

1. Purdue University 2. Colorado State University

This database represents 62 field experiments that assess the impact of organic amendments on soil carbon fractions. The data include a set of moderators, such as climate, edaphic factors, and farm mangement details, and the soil C response...

Version 1.0 - published on 08 Jun 2020 doi:10.4231/ABA8-6762 - cite this

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The data represent results from a search on Web of Science on May 30, 2019. Please find full search terms are located in the "READ_ME" sheet of the Excel data file. The objective of this data is to determine the impact of organic amendments on distinct soil carbon fractions at various depths in agricultural field experiments to assess carbon sequestration potential in soils across the global. The inclusion criterion for this data are as follows:
1. Contain an experimental design with a control and replicates;
2. Only scientific peer-reviewed articles;
3. Includes at least one organic amendment addition; 4. Experiment occurs in whole-plots in the field, in situ; thus excluding greenhouses, laboratory or field column studies);
5. Researchers measure two distinct pools of carbon or 'carbon fractions'; and
6. No limits placed on location, management or edaphic properties.

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