Period n-tupling in Uniaxial Random Field XY Magnet with rotating driving field

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By Sayan Basak1, Erica Carlson1, Karin Dahmen2

1. Purdue University 2. University of Illinois

These videos show the evolution of spin configurations in multiperiod limit cycle, generated from zero temperature simulations of 2D XY model with uniaxial random fields when subjected to a driving field which is rotated very slowly.

Version 1.0 - published on 06 Sep 2019 doi:10.4231/B90H-VH37 - cite this Content may change until committed to the archive on 06 Oct 2019

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track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L100_n2.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L100_n3.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L128_n2.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L128_n3.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L128_n4.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L160_n2.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L160_n3.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L160_n4.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L160_n5.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L160_n7.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L64_n2.jpg track_Mx_My_T0-dot-1_L80_n2.jpg


Videos/animations description:

The left panel is divided into 4-panels(2x2):

Panel Top-Left: The plot of X Magnetization along the horizontal axis and the driving field angle [ϕ(H)] along the vertical axis.

Panel Top-Right: The direction of the driving field [H(cos(ϕ),sin(ϕ)] given by the green arrow. The direction of spin [cos(θ),sin(θ)] at each lattice site is given by the color corresponding to the angle (θ) on the color wheel.

Panel Bottom-Left: The plot of X Magnetization along the horizontal axis and Y Magnetization along the vertical axis.

Panel Bottom-Right: The plot of Y Magnetization along the vertical axis and the driving field angle [ϕ(H)] along the horizontal axis.

The right panel is the response spin configuration of a LxL lattice at zero temperature to the corresponding driving field for a particular disorder configuration of strength R(along X-axis of spin).

Figures description:

The rainbow coloured part is the magnetization response with a period n-times the period of the driving field, which is termed as the limit cycle.

Before reaching the limit cycle there is some transient response for almost all the different simulations which does not repeat, and they are plotted in black.

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