Invasive forest pest distributions and their impacts on forest biomass

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By Songlin Fei1, Randall Morin2, Christopher Oswalt, Andrew Liebhold

1. Purdue University 2. USDA Forest Service

Three sets of data are included in this publication: forest inventory data, pest distribution data, and host tree list by pest. In addition, SQL code on how to run analyses with the data sets are also included.

Version 1.0 - published on 19 Jun 2019 doi:10.4231/82EJ-B095 - cite this Archived on 31 Jul 2019

Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal


Non-native pests (insects and diseases) can have multifaceted impacts on forest ecosystems.  Data provided here can be used to estimate empirical measures of the aggregate impacts of all non-native pest species on mortality and carbon budgets in forests across the continental United States.  Three sets of data provided here: 1) FIA data (three files,,, and contains multiple forest inventory data, 2) pest distribution data ( contains species level distribution of 15 major pests, and 3) host tree list by pest (Pests_Hosts.xlsx).  In addition, we provided the SQL code on how to run analyses on these data sets (SQL_GRM_2019.txt).  

Please refer the following publication for full description on the analysis of these data:

Songlin Fei, Randall S. Morin, Christopher M. Oswalt, and Andrew M. Liebhold. 2019. Carbon losses resulting from insect and diseases invasions in USA forests (pending).

Detailed description of the data and instructions on how to run the SQL code can be found in the supplemental materials in the publication.

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