Text files for parts and assembly of clamped beam geometry ABAQUS finite element model

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By Kayla Yano

Purdue University

These files are text format files for the ABAQUS extended finite element modeling (XFEM) as part of my dissertation.

Version 1.0 - published on 23 Apr 2019 doi:10.4231/SWHB-WD33 - cite this Archived on 23 May 2019

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Overall Project Description:

Data for In Situ TEM Mechanical Testing in Irradiated Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys - v1.0. This is a dataset comprised of videos and raw load-displacement text files of experiments run to demonstrate the use of in situ TEM mechanical testing to find meaningful mechanical properties of as received, self-ion, and proton irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS. The desire to work at small scale in characterization of irradiated materials to reduce costs and improve throughput, require the development of novel methods to assess mechanical properties in volume-limited irradiation damage layers. 

In this work micropillar compression (archived separately), cantilever bending, lamellae indentation, and clamped beam fracture testing is conducted on ion-irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS to find yield stress, elastic modulus, flow stress, and fracture toughness. Micropillars in compression allow us to define a minimum sample dimension, which approaches the obstacle spacing of the material, at which size effects are observed. This relationship between sample dimension and obstacle spacing defined through micropillar compression is extended to a new testing geometry, cantilever bending, and material property, flow stress. Lessons learned during the cantilever bending informed the clamped beam design for conducting fracture testing on a ductile engineering alloy at micrometer scales. Finally, lamellae indentation was conducted to link qualitative observations of the microstructure under load with literature strength of obstacle values. By combining an understanding of the microstructure of irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS and the in situ TEM technique, one can find the bulk-like mechanical properties of ion irradiated Fe-9%Cr ODS.

Input Files Description:

These files are text format files for the ABAQUS extended finite element modeling (XFEM) as part of my dissertation. Part files include
the clamped beam, the XFEM crack, and the indenter tip. The assembly file is these three combined. ABAQUS version used is 6.13.

Material properties used were:
Young's Modulus = 220000 MPa
Poisson's ratio = 0.3
Max principal strain = 0.033

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