A database of elevational distribution of nonnative plants across 11 mountains in China.

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By Zehao Shen1, Qinfeng Guo2, Songlin Fei3

1. Peking University 2. USDA Forest Service 3. Purdue University

A database of elevational distribution of nonnative plants across 11 mountains in China

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Version 1.0 - published on 24 Aug 2017 doi:10.4231/R7610XHR - cite this Archived on 25 Sep 2017

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This dataset contains elevational records of the lower and upper limits of non-native vascular plant species across 11 mountains in China. Data presented here includes 610 records of 288 vascular plant species belonging to 59 families and 200 genera. These species were identified by Ma (2010) as non-native to China, and were classified into six levels based on their invasive capacity. The elevational distribution data are compiled by the authors (Lu and Shen, 2009; Zhang and Shen, 2010) based on various books and journal papers (Lin, et al., 1981; Peng, 1998; Li et al., 2000; Cao and Li, 2003; Li et al., 2003; Ren, 2006; Li and Shi, 2007; Li et al., 2010; Zhu, et al., 2012).


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