Motion Predicates: Moving Along. A tool for the analysis of the sub-eventive structure in motion predicates.

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By Elena E. Benedicto

Purdue University

Motion Predicates: Moving Along is an application for linguistic analysis that was designed to elicit linguistic productions about motion predicates.

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Version 1.0 - published on 30 May 2019 doi:10.4231/R7PN93M4 - cite this Archived on 13 Nov 2019

Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal

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Motion Predicates: Moving Along is an application that can be run in both (Windows system) PC and (OS X) Mac computers. It was created at the Envision Center at Purdue University. It is designed to elicit linguistic productions about motion predicates that can be used to study the following components:

  • trajectory (its shape in 3D and other associated values),
  • telicity,
  • result(ing) state and
  • agentivity (addition of an agent; and two types of agent: initial and continuous contact with the theme/undergoer/figure) in motion predicates.

The app includes 175 clips that are conceptually organized in minimally-contrasting pairs addressing a particular theoretical variable about motion predicates, related to the linguistic issues mentioned above (e.g., telicity, agentivity, etc.). The 175 clips are organized around 19 thematic series (about a goose, a paper plane, a child, a bird, etc.) including animate, non-animate and human participants; agents are all human in this version. An effort was made to create clips that are as culture-independent as possible (though this was not always possible). The 175 videoclips are randomized into 7 Movie blocks of 25 clips each; this allows for small breaks in the process of data collection.

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This dataset contains two installable software packages (for Mac and Microsoft) and 175 video clips uploaded both individually and in blocks.

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