Data Set: A Rotational Pressure-Correction Scheme for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with Open Boundaries

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By Suchuan Dong

Purdue University

Data files for the paper "S. Dong & X. Wang, A Rotational Pressure-Correction Scheme for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with Open Boundaries, PLOS One, Accepted, 2016"

Version 2.0 - published on 25 Apr 2016 doi:10.4231/R7FB50WP - cite this Archived on 01 Sep 2016

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Two-phase outflows refer to situations where the interface formed between two immiscible incompressible fluids passes through open portions of the domain boundary. We present several new forms of open boundary conditions for two-phase outflow simulations within the phase field framework, as well as a rotational pressure correction based algorithm for numerically treating these  open boundary conditions. Our algorithm gives rise to linear algebraic systems for the velocity and the pressure that involve only constant and time-independent coefficient matrices after discretization, despite the variable density and variable viscosity of the two-phase mixture. By comparing simulation results with theory and the experimental data, we show that the method produces physically accurate results. We also present numerical experiments to demonstrate the long-term stability of the method in situations where large density contrast, large viscosity contrast, and backflows occur at the two-phase open boundaries.

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