Purdue Agronomy Farm Grasses/Legumes (841807)

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By Craig S. T. Daughtry

The plots of for experiment include eight species of grasses and legumes.

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The plots of for experiment include eight species of grasses and legumes. The plot numbers and species correlation follow.

Plots            Species
41-44          Alfalfa
45-48          Brome Grass
49-52          Switch Grass
53-56          Big Bluestem
57-60          Clover
61-64          Vetch
65-68          Orchard Grass
69-72          Tall Fescue Grass

Reflectance measurements were obtained over the plots on two days in 1984. Some of the plots were cut to represent grasses/legumes in different stages of regrowth after cutting for hay.

The test took place in 1984.

The supporting docs include a brief summary of used instruments, a wavelength table (Wavelength_ASCII.txt), reflectance note and reflectance tables (ReflectanceTable206.txt and ReflectanceTableMulti.txt), and file format description (ExperimentDataFormat3.txt). The format description file is in ASCII format in lines of 80 characters.

This research dataset is part the Field Research Data Library that consists of over 200,000 spectral observations of soils and vegetation that have been collected since 1972 till 1991 as part of the research focused on vegetation and soils at the Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS) located at the Purdue University.

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  • Location: Purdue Agronomy Farm, West Lafayette, IN
  • County: Tippecanoe
  • Latitude/Longitude: 0402813N 0865927W
  • Illumination: Solar
  • Experiment Type: Crops - Alfalfa, Brome Grass, Switch Grass, Big Bluestem, Clover, Vetch, Orchard Grass, Tall Fescue Grass
  • Landsat MSS Band Radiometer: Exotech 100 (Wavelength Range: 0.50-1.10 um): 841807.051.txt (214 KB)
  • Landsat TM Band Radiometer: Barnes 12-1000 (Wavelength Range: 0.45-2.35 um): 841807.091.txt (214 KB)
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