Purdue Agronomy Farm Soybean Variety (801812)

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By Craig S. T. Daughtry

Purdue University

The purpose of the experiment was to study the variation of the spectral characteristics between varieties of soybeans.

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The purpose of the experiment was to study the variation of the spectral characteristics between varieties of soybeans. The plots were planted by other researchers at the agronomy farm for other research purposes. The plots, six feet wide, were smaller than those normally planted for studying spectral characteristics. It was determined after collecting data over the plots a few times that they were not wide enough for accurate measurements of canopy reflectance. Concerns exist as to whether the data collected represents the canopy for a single plot. The border rows are included in the field of view; the border rows differ from the interior rows. Any analysis of the data should be done with the above concerns in mind.

The spectral measurements were made with a Landsat band radiometer (Exotech Model 100). Radiant temperatures and overhead color photographs of the canopies were obtained simultaneously with the reflectance measurements.

Identification Record Codes

1. Level of Factor Codes

See document Level of Factor Codes (level_factor_codes_801812.txt) under the Supporting docs tab.

2. Experiment Parameters

  • Experiment parameter 09: Air temperature as measured by a probe attached to the boom supporting the multi-band radiometer in Celsius degrees.
  • Experiment parameter 10: Radiant temperature as measured by a precision radiation thermometer (PRT-5) obliquely viewing the top surface of the canopy in Celsius degrees.

The test took place in 1980.

The supporting docs include a brief summary of used instruments, a wavelength table (Wavelength_ASCII.txt), reflectance note and reflectance tables (ReflectanceTable206.txt and ReflectanceTableMulti.txt), and file format description (ExperimentDataFormat3.txt). The format description file is in ASCII format in lines of 80 characters.

This research dataset is part the Field Research Data Library that consists of over 200,000 spectral observations of soils and vegetation that have been collected since 1972 till 1991 as part of the research focused on vegetation and soils at the Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS) located at the Purdue University.

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Location: Purdue Agronomy Farm, West Lafayette, IN
County: Tippecanoe
Latitude/Longitude: 0402813N 0865927W
Illumination: Solar
Experiment Type: Crops - Soybeans
Landsat MSS Band Radiometer: Exotech 100
Wavelength Range: 0.50-1.10 um

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