1 Mark (Mahoney, Berea College)

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By Mel Chua

School of Engineering Education

The first narrative from Mark Mahoney of Berea College, collected on Feb. 21, 2014.

Version 1.0 - published on 01 Oct 2014 doi:10.4231/R7FT8HZR - cite this Archived on 25 Oct 2016

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Prompted to recollect the story of his department's recent curriculum revision, Mark talks about multiple topics, including: The renaming of Berea College's "Industrial Arts" program to its current name of "Technology and Applied Design" The self-study and curriculum revision process that led to the emphasis on "design thinking" The need for a common definition of the word "design," and his personal take on the concept The difference between personal trust (visiting a sick neighbor, letting a friend borrow your car) and professional trust (allowing a colleague to visit your classroom and critique your teaching), and why the latter is more difficult How he developed a "thick skin" for criticism on his teaching, and the need for others to develop similarly "think skins" so they can improve their courses for the sake of their students

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This is the first transcript to be publicly released. Because of this, a later version may be re-issued if I come up with a better way to split it into chapters and verses (similar to how the Bible is split into chapters and verses). Consider this both an open-licensed transcript and an experiment with the "chapter and verse" format. Also, editing for spelling and readability may not be entirely complete.

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