Graph of Flickr Photo-Sharing Social Network Crawled in May 2006

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By David F Gleich

Purdue University

Crawl of the Flickr photo-sharing social network from May 2006 returning a graph with 820,878 nodes and 9,837,214 edges. Dataset is distributed as a SMAT file with README file with code to read file in Python and MATLAB.

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Version 1.1 - published on 22 Feb 2012 doi:10.4231/D39P2W550 - cite this Archived on 22 Feb 2012

Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal



Flickr is a popular online-community for sharing photos, with millions of users. This graph is representative of its social network, in which the node set V represents users, and the edge set E is such that (u, v) is in E if and only if a user u has added user v as his/her contact. We start with a crawl extracted from Flickr in May 2006. This crawl began with a single user and continued until the total personalized !PageRank on the set of uncrawled nodes was less than 0.0001. The result of the crawl was a graph with 820,878 nodes and 9,837,214 edges.

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