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PCLP-GAMS is a new version of the Purdue Crop/Livestock Linear Programming (PCLP) model written in the widely used General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) programming language by Paul Preckel and Craig Dobbins in 2006 (version 1.0) to allow the model to be used for research purposes. Sajeev E.M., Ben Gramig, Paul Preckel and Craig Dobbins developed the latest version (2.0) of the GAMS implementation of PCLP in 2014 with helpful comments and data assistance from Howard Doster, Greg Matli, Bob Nielsen, Carson Reeling and Seong do Yun.

PCLP-GAMS has been updated to include empirical days suitable for field work and grain moisture content at harvest based on 1980-2010 data from the Weekly Crop Progress and Condition Report issued by the Indiana office of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). All input and output prices have been updated based on the most recent Purdue Crop Costs and Returns Guide, machinery efficiency and hours worked per day have been updated, and irrigation costs in Indiana are based on the 2008 NASS Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey. New management practices and variations introduced in version 2.0 include nitrogen fertilizer application timing (post-harvest, pre-planting, and split application at planting and post-planting), no-till corn, center pivot irrigation investment and variable costs (excludes scheduling), and allowing earlier planting during March.

PCLP was originally developed in the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics and evolved from the earlier farm management planning models REPFARM (Will Candler and Bruce McCarl) and the B-10 model (Howard Doster, Ken Rulon, and Ed Smith). It has been used to aid farmer decision-making by optimizing farm management decisions, with an emphasis on machinery selection and the sequencing of field operations like tillage, planting and harvesting. The original PCLP model was used for over 30 years in conjunction with the annual Purdue Top Farmer Workshop. Many individuals in the Purdue College of Agriculture have contributed to the development, maintenance and updating of the original PCLP model over the years. An (undoubtedly incomplete) alphabetical list of contributors to PCLP includes: 
Craig Dobbins
Howard Doster
Martin Etyang
Terry Griffin
Yishun Han
J.D. Mannering
S.D. Parsons
Paul Preckel


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