Does Denialism Still Matter? Prevalence of...

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Issue frames portraying climate science as uncertain are cited as a key impediment
to new climate change and energy policies. However, some have
recently argued that the debate over policy impacts, especially policy impacts
on consumers, has become more politically salient than the debate over
science. This study applies qualitative content analysis to 340 documents 10
from the conservative think tank, the Heartland Institute, to test whether
certain policy frames have become more common among leading opponents
of climate policy in the United States. The results indicate a continued reliance
on science framing, with more directed attacks on climate scientists and fewer
frames stressing the uncertainty of climate science. An increase in the use of 15
policy frames related to effects on consumers also suggests that opposition to
climate policy is taking new forms as the political debate evolves, with
ramifications for climate change policy opposition on an international scale.


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