PURR Project Space Allocation and Pricing

Basic Project


  • Any Purdue faculty, staff, or student
  • Private storage for 3 years
  • Publish up to 1 GB
  • Publication storage 10 years (min)

Supported Project


  • Any Purdue faculty, staff, or student with a verifiable grant or account number
  • Private storage for 10+ years
  • Publish up to 10 GB
  • Publication storage 10 years (min)

Need more storage space?

Whether you have basic or supported projects, we understand that storage is an important part of research and data management. We offer the ability to purchase extra storage space per gigabyte. To purchase extra space, contact us and we'll work with you personally to make it happen.

Yearly extra project space


Extra publication space


Frequently asked questions about storage and pricing

What’s the difference between a “Basic Project” and a “Supported Project”?

A ‘Basic Project’ is the default option available to all Purdue faculty, staff and students. A ‘Supported Project’ is associated with a verifiable grant or account number. ‘Supported Projects’ receive more storage space and a longer storage period.

How do I purchase extra space?

To purchase extra storage for your project or published dataset, go ahead and create your project. Then, go to our help page and submit a ticket telling us your project name and the amount and type of storage you need. We’ll contact you directly to work out the details, and then increase your storage.

How long are my published datasets available on PURR?

A dataset will be available in PURR for minimum of 10 years. After that, the dataset will become part of the Purdue University Libraries and will be managed under its collection development policies. Even if your dataset is moved from PURR to another library website, your DOI will always link to the dataset.

How do I upgrade my project to a supported project?

To upgrade your project, all you have to do is fill in the grant information in the project details area on PURR.

The project details can be found under the info tab on your PURR project page; from the info tab, click the edit project link, and and update the research grant information. We’ll verify that information, and if everything checks out, we’ll increase your quota.

Why don’t I pay per-year for my extra publication space?

Because publication is a one-time event, we only charge a one-time fee. The current cost of publication takes into account the cost of storage for 10 years, assuming a continual decrease in that cost over time.

What is considered a verifiable grant or account number?

The grant must be externally awarded, current, and have been processed, and categorized, by Sponsored Programming Services (SPS).

The Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) is a university core research facility provided by the Purdue University Libraries and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships, with support from additional campus partners.