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What is a PURR database and how can I create one?

Most of the datasets PURR publishes are files (e.g. text files, csv spreadsheets, image files, etc.), either single files or many related files, usually with a brief explanation to make the dataset understandable to anyone who downloads it. Sometimes, however, a brief explanation is not enough. 

For example, if your dataset includes a spreadsheet with measurements, and each row in that spreadsheet needs to be connected to a separate image file. Uploading the spreadsheet and all of the image files separately won't give a full picture of your data.   

In such a case, you may want to use the PURR databases tool. The databases tool will allow you to create a table in PURR that shows the relationships between the various different types of data in your files. Creating such a database in PURR is fairly straightforward. There is a step-by-step guide to publishing a database available at db_pub_tutorial_v1.0.pdf

The PURR team would be happy to help you determine if the databases tool is right for you and to help you use it. For help please contact the PURR support team

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