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How do I connect to my Project using an SFTP client?

PURR allows connection to a Project using an SFTP (FTP) client.  This allows for the uploading of large files (greater than 2GB) and also allows for easier bulk uploading.  Below are instructions on configuring the SFTP client to work with PURR.

Create a Local Password

  1. If you use your Purdue Career Account to login to the HUB, you must first create a local password.
  2. Login to PURR
  3. Hover over your name in the upper right, and click “Profile."
  4. In the Password section click "Edit."
  5. Enter a local password.
  6. This will only set up a password for sftp access. It will not change your Purdue Career Account. You should still use your Career username and password when logging in to PURR.

Setup SFTP Client

NOTE: FileZilla is used as the SFTP in the examples below. 
It can be downloaded from

  1. Open FileZilla and click “File”
  2. Click “Site Manager”.
  3. Click “New Site”.
  4. On the General tab, provide the following information
    • Host: (leave port blank)
    • Protocol: Change to “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol”
    • Logon Type:  Change to “Ask for password”
    • User: Provide the same username used to login to PURR.
  5. Click to the Advanced tab and provide the following information:
    • Default remote directory: /sftp/data/projects
  6. Click “Connect”.
  7. When prompted for password, provide the local PURR password created in the step above.  This may be different than your Purdue Career Account password.
  8. Under “Remote Site” on the right side will be a list of PURR projects.  Double click into the project folder you want to upload files to.
  9. Drag and Drop files from the “Local Site” left window to the PURR project folder on the right.
  10. The files included here will be accessible within the Project on PURR.


If you have used an SFTP client to connect to PURR previously and are no longer able to log on, your local password may have expired. Please see the instructions above for creating a local password to set a new one. If you still have trouble connecting, please submit a support request.

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