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33 Who “owns” a project?
Last updated @ 6:12 pm
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135 How can I access datasets with an FTP client?
Last updated @ 12:10 pm
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93 How do I connect to my Project using an SFTP client?
Last updated @ 11:02 am
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126 Can I delete a project?
Last updated @ 5:15 pm
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92 How do I upload files larger than 2GB to my Project?
Last updated @ 11:32 am
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90 What are the user roles and permissions inside of my Project?
Last updated @ 12:47 pm
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41 How do I purchase extra space for my project?
Last updated @ 1:54 pm
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34 Who can create a new project?
Last updated @ 1:53 pm
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39 What's the difference between a default project and a supported project?
Last updated @ 1:42 pm
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47 I didn't get an email when I was invited to join a project!
Last updated @ 9:42 am
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40 How do I upgrade my project to a supported project?
Last updated @ 2:52 pm
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124 Does PURR have size restrictions on files?
Last updated @ 3:40 pm
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The Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) is a university core research facility provided by the Purdue University Libraries and the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships, with support from additional campus partners.