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How much storage do I get with my project?

A new project begins with a quota of 10 GB of working space for 3 years with the capability to publish and archive up to 1 GB of curated data.

If you have an externally awarded current grant that has been processed and categorized as a research grant by Sponsored Programming Services (SPS) you can register it and receive an increase in your project quota to 100 gigabytes for the duration of the grant and increase your publication allocation to 10 gigabytes of curated data. When you receive your grant award, click on “Register Your Grant” to increase your allocation.

You can also extend the life of a project and purchase additional storage with grant or departmental funds upon request. See the Storage and Pricing section of the PURR site for full details.

The owners of a project will receive an email notification one month before their project is scheduled to expire. Published datasets will remain online for at least 10 years, after which time the datasets will be selected or deselected for permanent inclusion in the Libraries’ collections.

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