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Getting Started


Step 1: Get Started

To begin, if you are not already working with a Pre-Award Specialist, contact your Pre-Award Center to begin preparation of your proposal.

Pre-Award Center


Next, view our brief overview of what your NSF Data Management plan needs to cover:

NSF DMP Overview


If you're submitting a proposal to an agency other than NSF, or wondering if an NSF directorate has specific guidelines, consider viewing detailed agency-specific guidelines:

Agency Specific Guidelines


NOTE: When viewing the agency specific guidelines, be sure to scroll all the way down for links to NSF guidelines per directorate, as well as an NSF FAQ.


Step 2: Tutorials & Workshops

Purdue has recorded one of several DMP workshops hosted by the University over the past several months.

* Watch the Workshop


Also, be sure to try these samples and references:

Example Data Management Plans


DMP Self-Assessment


DMP Workshop - February 3, 2011


And lastly, should you find yourself needing individual consultation concerning the creation of your Data Management Plan, please contact Research Data Specialists.


Step 3: Using PURR

Now that you know what to include in your DMP, you might want to consider using the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) as a way to satisfy many of the DMP requirements.

Read more about us and find helpful boilerplate text for including PURR in your proposal here:

About Us

Boilerplate Text


Got more questions? Check out the Q&A Forum for commonly asked questions, or our videos about using the research repository:

Q&A Forum

* Video Tutorials


The videos include tutorials on how to use PURR to create and manage your project group, upload data to the HUB, and publish your finished product.


* Workshops and video tutorials are coming soon!