Demolition of Power Plant, ENAD, and construction of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center at Purdue University

The Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC) is the latest construction project from Purdue University. It is a new Libraries building that will be central to campus and will be a multifunctional facility. The Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC) is taking place on the site of the Engineering Administration Building (ENAD) and power plant on the West Lafayette campus of Purdue University, 2014-2017. The process of demolition and construction is being recorded for research and educational purposes by three fixed cameras: one located at the Mathematical Sciences Building (MATH) and two located at different corners of the Potter Engineering Center (POTR 1 and POTR 2).

The cameras each take a photo once a minute each day for the entire duration of the project. These images are then curated: images from the top of the hour between 8:00 and 18:00 are captured and rendered into a reference dataset plus a time lapse video, one per camera per month.

It is on schedule to open for the 2017 fall semester to all of campus which will also mark termination of this documentary project. Further details about the WALC can be found at

Reference datasets

This collection organizes the reference datasets by camera and the month they were produced:

Construction of the Active Learning Center

Positions of cameras

Site Preparation for the Construction of the Active Learning Center

Demolition of the Engineering Administration Building

Composite datasets

From the reference datasets, images are selected and compiled to represent or summarize specific events. Composite datasets will be added here as events occur and they are compiled:

  1. Engineering Administration Building Demolition
  2. Old Power Plant Demolition
  3. Site Preparation for the Active Learning Center
  4. Wilmeth Active Learning Center Building Construction Time-Lapse, August 2014–September 2016

Cite this data collection

You may reference individual datasets using their DOIs and recommended citations or use this citation to reference the entire data collection:

  • Bullock, Darcy M., Alexander M. Hainen, Andrew Sydelko, David Burford, and Michael Witt, “Demolition of Power Plant, ENAD, and Construction of Active Learning Center”. Purdue University Research Repository. DOI: 10.4231/R70P0WXD
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